Minggu, 25 September 2011


the end of love story, the most painful words ever, yaaa what i feel right now. and still, i can't forget about him, i feel so stupid for this time, i know he doesn't love me anymore i know he loves the other girl, i know he doesn't even thinking about me even for a second..but i cant force myself to stop loving him, i still want him in my life. i still remember all the small things about him, but i can't do anything to make you come back, i can't believe he can forget me just because he found another girl. i've spent my time with him for almost 4 years but he can forget me only in a few days HAHA poor me. i miss the memories i miss what it all used to be i miss who the way you were before this. you've found another girl you said that she's better than me, i hope you're happy even it's really killing me inside, i hope she can always make you smile and happy i hope you love her more than you loved me. take care and bye forever.

12 is no longer exist, but in my heart it will always there.

Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

life is easier since i met them.

in this photo: Moza,Selma,Icha,Raisa.(Disa has no photo)

i'm going to post about my real bestfriends. Raisa,Icha,Moza,Disa. Really they are my best even more than just ɑ best<3 I love them,much. They don't even just makes me smile, they made my day,they made every worse in me be better!we're laugh together sad together share stories together and everything we've been through is almost all together, although sometimes we are fighting each other,talking behind but that doesn't really matter cause in the end we're gonna say sorry to each other or we're all fine by itself, we're being best friends for almost 3 years,when class 7a started, but............in this new academic year which mean in the high school life, we're apart, cause we choose the different school to go,you know I'm so sad to know this! How this's so make me cry for ɑ while.They're really mean to me! They're ɑ part of my life. I'm surely they're everything for me. I just can't believe we're not going to the same school anymore. we're never be as before we are today, yesterday and those days before. All those moments become the memories that I never forget. So many stories I can't tell about one by one! I feel so good beside them. I don't know how I can stand without them.
here's the descriptions about them

RAISA. she's my 'teman suram' cause we're often feel bored at home and we're going to some place without ɑ destination and what even worse that we don't know what we're going to do there HAHA. She'll go to sman 3 setiabudi, in jakarta! Her new school is far from bsd. And I know we would rarely play together like before, I hope you won't forget your teman suram ya:( btw if you want to share your story, share with her! She's ɑ good listener;)&& lo harus move on ya rai nanti disana:( btw I love her.

ICHA, she's the most arrogant girl I ever met HAHA she's funny but ɑ little brengsek:P she's kind:) she often make jokes that I don't understand what she actually mean. but what she did is totally makes me laugh out loud. I'm amused by you cha! She'll go to nipam with moza&disa! Don't forget me talkative girl! Love you cha({})

MOZA. She's kalong, an insomnia girl. She's my classmate from grade 7 until grade 9 we are together,she's totally kind and humble:) dia suka bayarin ddr loh:P we're close since we're in elementary school, she's my besties. But we often fight because an unimportant thing actually. Eventhough like that but I'm loving you moz, promise me you won't forget me in ɑ hundred years later;) salam buncit!

DISA. its hard to find her pict! the most attractive girl! She's naughty and cruel with her friends including in how she treat me and raisa in the school HAHA! Totally fuck off:} she's tomboy. She hate one of her teacher tak lain & tak bukan is......*fillintheblank* HAHA she's funny and strong! Walaupun lo suka menyiksa gue & raisa, but I love you<3

Remember our memories?
1.When my 14th birthday at Kebun Teh,we were there together,spent one night playing together. How I miss that moment
2. Pas bu zelni ngejar2 kita gara2 kita bawa hp terus kita ngumpet ditoilet nyusun strategi biar ngehindarin bu zelni dannnn ternyata!!!!!!!pas kita mau pulang tas kita disita bu zelni dannnn ternyata!!!!!! pas kita mau pulang tas kita disita bu Zelni kejamnya, jadi gagal mau menghindar dari dia AHAHA
3. Pas raisa diangkat2 didepan kelas 7c,tebak apa yg terjadi?HAHAHAHA sorry to say rai, but I must tell about this, roknya keangkat sampe cdnya keliatan & diliat cowok HAHAHAHA
4. Solat sunnah!!!!pas kelas 8 imamnya bu dedeh kita disuruh solat sunnah malah ngabur AHAHA dan akhirnya ketauan terus dipanggil disuruh solat diruang guru HAHAHA.
5.Jadi suatu hari gue lewat suatu saung mau kermh raisa, dan disitu ada 2 laki2 & 1 kakek2 tua, &salah satu cowoknya itu nanya "dek arah timur dimana?" Terus gue blg "mana saya tau emg saya dukun" ky biasa temen2 gue ngakak &&& lotauapa?!?! Kakek2 itu marah2 dan ngatain kita "DASAR YA KALIAN MONYET JALAN" hahahaha karena kita takut gue lari deh tuh sama temen2 gue,kita takut bgt loh suer tp tetep tetep aja ngakak HAHA

And still, many stories I can't tell. Bener, susah buat ninggalin kalian, buat gak bareng2 lg sama kalian,apalagi hidup kita penuh dengan canda tawa. emang sih masih tetep bisa ketemu, tp gak sedeket ky sekarang pasti. Sedih abis. Jujur aja loh gue nyaman banget sama kalian<3 jgn pernah berubah ya:') tetep seperti kalian2 yg imut lucu kocak & gak lupa brengseknya;) kalian terbaik rai,cha,moz,dis. Gue gak bisa ngomong apa apa lagi ttg kalian. you guys are too awesome for me! SATU HAL LAGI!


janji ya jgn pada sombong2 kalo udh sekolah baru & udh ada temen2 baru:) buat raisa sering sering ke bsd ya. Jgn sombong ntar jadi anak gaul:P HAHA buat icha jgn songong lu haha mentang2 org terkaya ke-2 & punya jalan tol totincamut HAHAHA, moza jgn ky icha ya:P & kalo udh punya temen2 baru jgn lupain gue&kurusin tuh perut karung beras lu. Disa nih jgn konyil ya lo semoga kalo ntar ketemu gue udh baik hati ya gak jahat lg:') kitakan #GSH ahahaha abal.

Btw JANGAN LUPAIN DDR YA HONEY PUNCH,MONKEY PUNK,TRUE LOVE, AFRONOVA REVENGE/PRIMEVAL, CANDY, VENUS DLL HAHA! Gak bisa ngabur lg deh keteko kalo jam istirahat cuman buat ddr:(

Terimakasih untuk waktunya selama ini buat semuanya deh pokoknya.
Thanks for being there whenever I needed you guys:') kalian perfect and irreplaceable<3

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Jumat, 17 September 2010

i miss you so badly

well, i've lost contact with iqbal since 4days ago,we haven't met up since this holiday:( and....you know what?i miss him(so-much):[ he doesn't give me a reason. but i already know why because he OFTEN do this to me. in here i'm just WAITING until he can contact me, but when will he contact me?when will i stop waiting?*sigh* i MUST be a very very very very patient girl even i couldn't hum.

should i break up?or...........should i leave him?:( hm

Rabu, 15 September 2010