Minggu, 25 September 2011


the end of love story, the most painful words ever, yaaa what i feel right now. and still, i can't forget about him, i feel so stupid for this time, i know he doesn't love me anymore i know he loves the other girl, i know he doesn't even thinking about me even for a second..but i cant force myself to stop loving him, i still want him in my life. i still remember all the small things about him, but i can't do anything to make you come back, i can't believe he can forget me just because he found another girl. i've spent my time with him for almost 4 years but he can forget me only in a few days HAHA poor me. i miss the memories i miss what it all used to be i miss who the way you were before this. you've found another girl you said that she's better than me, i hope you're happy even it's really killing me inside, i hope she can always make you smile and happy i hope you love her more than you loved me. take care and bye forever.

12 is no longer exist, but in my heart it will always there.

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